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Suggestion: Saving a server list

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  • Suggestion: Saving a server list

    I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned, but here goes

    I compare a lot of servers and not so much local drive.

    When I compare from FTP site(actually SSH), would it be possible to allow the user to save a set of servers? I actually use Beyond Compare in both Linux and Windows.

    For example...

    Instead of clicking profile and getting a dropdown list, can you click profile, and get a slide out list like you get in putty connection manager? And be able to save server name, host, login, password, and notes about that server?

    Wouldnt exactly have to be like that, but at least be able to save servers into a file, or have the program save it in its own internal list....

    Just a suggestion...


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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Do you find yourself often switching between comparing different pairs of servers or comparing pairs of servers repeatedly?

    Saved session could help a lot of the latter. You can open a Folder Compare, set the server to load on the left or right (or just one side), and then use the Session menu -> Save Session As to save a bookmark pointing back to this comparison. The Saved Sessions list can then be organized into folders, similar to the mock-up screenshot.

    I'll also add improving our browse dialog to our Customer Wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the reply, and sorry for my late reply.

      There are a multitude of servers that require comparison between different environments.
      So it would be easiest if I could just add my own names. Kinda like having Beyond compare having its own host file.

      I guess a solution for me would be to edit my own host file, but I thought it would be nice if BC3 had that name feature built in.