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Explorer integration broken in Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10

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  • Explorer integration broken in Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10


    After upgrading to Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10 (this is pretty much the RC), the context menu in Nautilus doesn't show any more Beyond Compare options. Have searched around for a solution, but haven't found anything so far. Is this a known issue?

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    Thanks for the update. I'll setup a test environment to try and test this.

    In the meantime, any changes to the shell extension option (checking or unchecking the box in the Options dialog) would require the user to log off and log on to apply. If the box is currently checked, could you try unchecking it, logging off, then coming back and re-enabling it and rebooting again?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Toggling the integration option and re-booting doesn't seem to help, unfortunately.


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        I'm seeing the same behavior on my test system for Beta 2. Of course, now I'll need to setup another with 11.10, now that it is available.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Nautilus context menu integration broken in Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10

          I'm also seeing this issue in the final release of 11.10.
          Any news from your analysis ?


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            We've managed to reproduce it and I've made a tracker entry to look into the behavior. It may take some time to figure out what has changed in Ubuntu between 11.04 and 11.10 that broke this behavior.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              BeyondCompare context actions in Nautilus on Ubuntu 12.04+?

              I just switched over to an Ubuntu desktop from Windows, and of couse BeyondCompare was among the tools I carried over. I have version bcompare 3.3.7-0ubuntu1 installed from the Ubuntu Software Center on Precise 12.04.2 LTS x86_64, and I am not seeing the context menu options in Nautilus for BeyondCompare. Is this function still broken in Linux, just Ubuntu, or is there a work-around? Thanks for the help.


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                It doesn't work if you installed it through the Ubuntu Software Center. If you install the .deb file from our download page it should work.
                Zoë P Scooter Software


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                  As a first set of testing, please try uninstalling the Software Center version, then install from our website, here:

                  Once installed, go to the Tools menu -> Options, Startup section, and enable the option for the shell extension. Then Log Off / Reboot to have it take effect.

                  Does this get it working for you?
                  Aaron P Scooter Software


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                    Installing from a *.deb downloaded directly from your website did not work, and hung. I now have 3.3.8 (16340) installed from the Ubuntu Software Center. At first, the context menu was still not present, but then after some more exploration, I found these Knowledge Base articles:
                    Turns out, the context options don't work if you don't turn them on! (The term "Explorer" in the option "Include Beyond Compare in Explorer Context menu" threw me the first time I saw it, assuming it was Windows-specific.)


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                      Linux context menus not present in Ubuntu 12.04 with BC 3.3.12

                      I had BeyondCompare 3.3.8-i386 and the nautilus-bcompare extension from the Ubuntu software center working, when I was notified that a new version was available. I downloaded and installed bcompare- from Scooter's site, and followed the directions in the KB articles, above, and then re-logged in. I still am not getting context menus in Nautilus.

                      If I try to install the nautilus extension via apt, I get:
                      [email protected]:/usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-3.0# dpkg -l | grep bcompare
                      ii  bcompare:i386                          3.3.12-18414                                Beyond Compare 3
                      [email protected]:/usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-3.0# apt-cache search bcompare
                      nautilus-bcompare - Powerful time-saving utility for comparing files and folders
                      thunar-bcompare - Powerful time-saving utility for comparing files and folders
                      kde4-bcompare - Powerful time-saving utility for comparing files and folders
                      bcompare-bin - Powerful time-saving utility for comparing files and folders
                      bcompare - Beyond Compare 3
                      [email protected]:/usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-3.0# apt-get install nautilus-bcompare
                      Reading package lists... Done
                      Building dependency tree       
                      Reading state information... Done
                      Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
                      requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
                      distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
                      or been moved out of Incoming.
                      The following information may help to resolve the situation:
                      The following packages have unmet dependencies:
                       nautilus-bcompare : Depends: bcompare (= 3.3.8-0ubuntu1) but 3.3.12-18414 is to be installed
                      E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
                      Any suggestions on getting the context menus working?


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                        Given the error message referring to 3.3.8, it looks like your install might be a mix of 3.3.8 and 3.3.12. Please launch the application and use the Tools menu -> Export to back up your current settings. Then uninstall Beyond Compare 3 and verify the script is removed from the context menu folder and that there are no lingering packages/dependencies.

                        Once removed, reinstall (redownload if needed)the main 3.3.12 (32bit).deb. This should handle the script install automatically (and not need to run an install for nautilus-bcompare), but you will need to enable the option in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, then log-off/log-on.

                        Which version of Ubuntu 12.04 are you currently running? 64 or 32 bit?
                        Aaron P Scooter Software


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                          @aaron, I had already done all that. The 3.3.8 reference you pointed to,
                          nautilus-bcompare : Depends: bcompare (= 3.3.8-0ubuntu1) but 3.3.12-18414 is to be installed
                          Is occurring because 3.3.8 is the most recent version of the bcompare and nautilus-bcompare packages available from the Ubuntu Software Center, and I already have the 3.3.12 version installed from the Scooter download. I confirmed that the nautilus extension is in place (/usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-3.0/ I guess I'll do it all over again.

                          I am running Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS 64-bit (3.8.0-44-generic #66~precise1-Ubuntu x86_64).


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                            Thanks for the report. I've setup a test system and reproduced this behavior. We should have a fix in the next release for the 32bit installer. For the current release, you can use the "64bit.deb" to get the context menu.
                            Aaron P Scooter Software


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                              I removed and purged all previous versions, and installed the Debian (certain older 64bit distros) version, and lo, the context menus work! Thanks.
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