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Request: Automatic Yes-to-all Option

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  • Request: Automatic Yes-to-all Option


    I've been using BC3Pro on my Vista machine for file backups with a session that mirrors files onto an external HDD. This works great! Especially the Auto-sync button so I don't even have to wait for the sync to complete and can get on with other things. I'm constantly impressed by the versatility of this program!

    However there is one hinderance - mirroring files from my User folder means there are a number of read-only and system files from the last backup and whenever one of these is encountered I get a question asking if I'm sure I want to overwrite these files.

    I appreciate the security benefit of this for general use and I can answer yes to all, but it does undermine the usefulness of the Auto-sync option for large backups as I have to come back part way through the sync (which may be very quick or may take up to a couple of minutes) to answer this popup, and I always answer this question with yes-to-all, every time.

    So I was wondering if it would be possible for you to add an option to the session parameters (perhaps in the 'handling tab' ?) where you can enable an automatic 'yes-to-all' response for overwriting read-only and system files?

    Thanks in advance,

    Keep up the great work!


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    I believe the option you are looking for is controlled in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Folder Views, Confirmations section. This is a global option, and will control how the dialog is answered during a Synchronize, or if it is shown at all, with two different options.

    You could also use Name Filters or DOS Attribute filters to hide these file types and prevent them from synchronizing.
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      Oh I'm sorry, didn't spot that - Thanks for pointing these options out to me!