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  • Next Row and skip Minor Diff

    If I tell BC3 to ignore minor differences, the screen shows all the rows and just highlights the ones that are truly different, which is great. However the 'Next Row' button steps me through all the records one at a time. Is there a button or shortcut I can use like 'Next Row' to skip to the next highlighted row and skip over the unimportant rows?

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    Are all the 'highlighted' rows in red and the other rows in blue? If they are still showing up as blue (unimportant) you can truly hide them by enabling the toolbar toggle button "Ignore Unimportant Differences" which will make them all black and treat them as equal text.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I clicked on 'Ignore Unimportant Differences' and the records are now black but they are still on the screen. How can I jump from red to red record or hide the black rows from view? I do not have the Same, Left, or Right buttons depressed, only Diff. Do I need to reload?


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        If you're comparing files in the Data Compare, the "Search > Next Difference Row" should only cycle through rows that are different (colored red).

        If you only see black, is it possible you have long rows with red differences that you need to scroll to see?

        If that isn't the case, please send us a pair of example files and a copy of your Beyond Compare settings. To save your settings to a file, select "Help > Support" and click the Export button. You can mail them to [email protected].
        Chris K Scooter Software