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Win7 taskbar: tabbed interface launch glitch

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  • Win7 taskbar: tabbed interface launch glitch

    Win7 modified the way an application icon in the taskbar reacts.
    - Gone: ability to "cascade" multiple icons
    - Replaced with:
    Every document tab is represented in the pop-up menu

    Normally, this is very efficient to quickly navigate.
    - Internet Explorer:
    No matter how many Windows you have open,
    All tabs are represented as a single list.
    Click on one of them, and it opens directly

    - Not Beyond Compare
    Click on a tab, and NOTHING happens.
    "Crazy is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result".
    But you have to be crazy persistent to make this work properly.

    - First click, does nothing, except make the list disappear.
    "perhaps it is where I click on the popup line.
    - Click on the icon at the left; seems to work better.
    - Nope, it still fails most of the time, until it has been clicked and clicked again

    Any idea what is going on here? Seems strange that only BC3 has this issue.

    Build 13128, Version 3.3.3

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    Thanks for the bug report. We'll look into this and should have a fix in an upcoming version of BC3.
    Aaron P Scooter Software