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Addition of CNC code comparison features

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  • Addition of CNC code comparison features

    Do you use Beyond Compare to compare CNC (Computer Numerical Control) code?

    We’re debating adding CNC code comparison features to Beyond Compare. NC code differences are hi-lighted in bright color if truly different to any CNC controller. Insignificant code differences are marked in faint color, as these differences are still seen as a match to the CNC controller. Added features include the calculated difference (in inch and metric) of the X, Y & Z coordinates between the 2 CNC programs. This feature makes for easy proof reading of program modifications. Before we commit resources to adding features, we’d like to have an idea how many of our customers might use such a feature.

    If you use BC for CNC code comparison and you would use additional CNC comparison features, please reply to this thread and let us know.
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    Here's a Microsoft Excel prototype of the proposed CNC comparison feature submitted by one of our customers:
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