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  • Windows 7 Taskbar progress

    Most apps nowadays support Win7 new taskbar feature. Especially the progress bar in the icon. Below is the API resource page that could help implementing it in BC3:

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    Adding support for the progress bar in Win7 is on our Wishlist. I'll add your notes and resources to our entry on the subject for our developers to review when they are able to work on it.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      any "progress" on this topic meanwhile?


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        It is still an open entry on our Customer Wishlist. We've got several large projects going right now, so it probably won't be updated soon, but enhancing the UI for Win7 and Win8 is on our radar.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Well well well, it's done now
          Thanks a lot, looks fine!


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            may I ask what this change is that you're referring to as "done" -- I am just curious, thank you. I don't see any recent changes about the Taskbar display which is why I'm asking...


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              3.3.7 added support for progress on the taskbar button for the folder compare and sync session types.
              Zoë P Scooter Software


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                Sorry luckman212. i forgot to mention this, i took this for granted. If you are doing in the background a synchro of i. e. two extern hard disks which takes several minutes, you can see in the icon the progress. Just try it


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                  Is there some setting to activate this capacity? Using BC 3.3.7, build 15876 on Win7 x64, and doing lengthy comparisons of backups, there is no progress overlay for the taskbar icon - it's stubbornly static.

                  I've reinstalled a couple of times (uninstall/upgrade, both), nuked the settings, etc, etc, etc.

                  Other programmes (both x86 and x64 alike) have this animation via the Aero theme (such as Firefox downloads, etc) and it works fine - but not with BC. I tried switching between icons-only in the taskbar, and the old-fashioned taskbar-button settings in Windows, but again, it makes no difference.

                  What am I missing?

                  (Ordinarily I wouldn't consider a mere aesthetic option like this worth worrying about, but since you replaced the in-programme "activity" icon with a mere blinking "Stop" button, it sorely needs the added visual response this sort of option affords.)