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Having Difficulties in Fixing File Type Indicator

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  • Having Difficulties in Fixing File Type Indicator


    I am a fairly new user to BC3. We are currently using this application to compare files run in different environments. I am guessing it is usually treated as Text compare. I never had any issues with the compares so far since yday my settings on the status bar where file properties are displayed is showing PC instead of MIX. Can someone help to fix this problem I could not find the location as where you would change this setting.

    Attached image shows the correct properties used for compare.


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    That section of the status bar shows the detected line endings in your files. PC indicates only Windows line endings, while Linux, Mac, and Mix are also possible. Mix indicates there is a mix of line endings, which can cause problems in some software that only expects either one type of line ending, or a specific type of line ending (the host OS).

    You can enable Show Whitespace to see the line ending characters. We use a different symbol for each type of line ending character. You can also enable a comparison to flag them as a difference if they are different between the two panes: Session menu -> Session Settings, Importance tab, Compare Line Endings.

    If you use the File menu -> Save File As, you can re-save the file and pick to use a specific line ending. You would need to do this twice (once for each pane).
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      Thanks for the info. I tried all the above mentioned settings change but yet I am unable to MIX. I tried to convert file to change the line endings to MIX. But I could see only PC\UNIX\MAC. I am using 3.2.3 version I am really surprised earlier this used to appear now not any more. The compares are really showing wacky. Any help is appreciated.


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        A screenshot or sample files would help at this point.

        Why would you be trying to give your files mixed line endings? Line endings are the character placed at the end of the line to signify a line break. Commonly, when you press Enter, it'll add one there.

        Each OS uses a different line ending character. Windows will place a Windows version; Mac will place a Mac version. If you open a file on Windows that was made on a Mac, the Mac Line Ending characters may not be respected by programs, so it'll just be one long line with no breaks or they will have other problems.

        A mixed file is then guaranteed to potentially cause problems on any OS, since it has both line endings mixed in, there will always be some the host OS does not expect. You generally don't want a mixed line ending file.

        BC3 supports opening and reading any combination of Line Endings because it is part of analyzing and comparing the text.
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