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Something between /silent and interactive?

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  • Something between /silent and interactive?

    Is there anything between /silent and fully interactive? I know I can use confirm:yes-to-all or confirm:no-to-all, but that does not work if loading the session fails, for example. I need a way to see the normal/interactive progress screen and cancel button, but to automatically process ALL errors as the /silent mode does.

    Here's my situation... I run a long FTP job nightly. I run Beyond Compare with the /silent option and a specific script. It works beautifully most of the time. Every once in a while, however, the FTP job stalls and the only way to "finish" the script and the related batch file is to kill the task from Task Manager.

    Ideally, there would be something between /silent and fully interactive so we could have the best of both worlds:

    1.) the progress indicator could appear on screen during the entire process (that would be nice during normal runs, as well as when the FTP job stalls)

    2.) there would be a cancel button (for those times the process stalls or otherwise needs to be terminated before completion)

    3.) any errors would automatically be processed like the /silent mode does

    I think this would be valuable for any long running Beyond Compare process where it would be nice to run unattended, but still see the progress indicator when needed.

    If there's already a way to accomplish this, please let me know, as I've not figured it out. And if there isn't a way, could you possibly consider adding this feature? It would be a big help!

    Thank you and kind regards,


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    Hello Rick,

    We don't have a method of silently suppressing a "base folder load failed" error. It is considered a fatal error, so we immediately stop the rest of the script. Any fatal error would mean the current script cannot continue, so there is not any other progress to watch for. The one downside I can think of is if you have multiple script calls in an automated process, and that automated process will not continue until the error is dismissed. Is that the problem case you are running into?

    *In the meantime, you can use a combination of /silent and the log script command to check the progress in a log file. Log files can be generated using a combination of %date% and %fn_time% variables in the file name to make each log uniquely named when generated. To see an example, please check the Help file -> Using Beyond Compare -> Automating with Script (main chapter header text).

    Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software