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Width of Saved Sessions pane

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  • Width of Saved Sessions pane

    I have some sessions with long names. The Saved Sessions pane is too narrow for the names. So I adjusted the width of the panes as in this screenshot:

    I hoped such widths could be saved.
    But when I reopened the Home View, the widths always returned to such a look:

    In BCState.xml, <OpenWidth Value="311"/> didn't change during the adjusting.

     <EditHeight Value="847"/>
     <EditWidth Value="516"/>
     <FormPosStr Value="360;0;1679;850;;120"/>
     <OpenWidth Value="311"/>
     <SessionType Value="TDirCompareSession"/>

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    Check and see if you have to <THomeState> nodes in the file. Those occasionally pop up and mess up the persistence. If there is, just delete one. I did verify that the current release does update the OpenWidth value; if there aren't two nodes send a Help->Support export (zip) to [email protected] and we'll take a look.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      My BCState.xml attached.
      (Only one <THomeState>.)

      Please note the difference on the right edge of the two screenshots. I guess there's a limitation on the minimum width of the right (Session settings) pane?


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        This setting will only allow the Saved Sessions pane to achieve a certain size within a Window. It won't push the window wider in order to accommodate it.

        To get the window to be a certain size, please load a single, fresh window of BC3. Then stretch it to the size you wish and use the Session menu to Save as a Workspace. Then in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Startup, set BC3 to load that workspace on startup.

        How does this work for you?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          The window size is OK for me and can be saved. I only want the position/size of the "Session Settings" pane and the "Saved Sessions" pane within the window of that size (just as the first screenshot shows) can be remembered.

          Hope this issue can be "fixed" a little if it is not caused by the behavior limitation of the controls.


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            If you make the overall window larger, the OpenWidth Value="311" should work as you expect.

            If your OpenWidth value is too large, and would push the Session Settings off the screen, then it won't grow anymore. To make it grow, the overall window would need to be larger. To save the larger window, you can use the Workspaces to save the overall window size, then load it on startup (which will make it large enough to use your custom OpenWidth value).

            Does this strategy make sense for you? You can manually test your Open Width value by making the overall window larger by dragging it. Once OpenWidth is hit, the window begins to grow in blank, gray area to the right of the session settings, instead of making the Saved Sessions section larger.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Thank you very much for your detailed reply.
              Yes, a wider "Saved Sessions" pane is available if the overall window is wider. But What I want is to keep a narrower "Session Settings" pane and a wider "Saved Sessions" pane in the window of the desired size, for I don't want the window to be any wider.

              My steps:
              Resize the overall window to a large size (1319*850);
              Make the "Session Settings" pane narrower by dragging its right edge (not the window's edge) to the left;
              Make the "Saved Sessions" pane wider by dragging its right edge to the right.

              I want to keep such a layout.
              However, BC doesn't save the width of the "Session Settings" pane.
              So although I made the "Session Settings" pane narrower to give room for the "Saved Sessions" pane, next time the "Session Settings" pane will return to the default width.


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                Would you be able to take a full screen screenshot of your Home screen at the desired widths? The behavior I would expect would be as you drag from right to left, the Saved Sessions width will collapse first before the Session Settings would.
                Aaron P Scooter Software


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                  After the three steps, exit and open BC again, the look will be the same as the screenshot (1).


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                    Thanks for the screenshots. I think I have managed to reproduce the behavior you are seeing, and I'll make a tracker entry to investigate this. I'm not sure why the width of the Session Settings is not saving in that scenario.
                    Aaron P Scooter Software