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jar comparing is very slow

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  • jar comparing is very slow

    Beyond compare can compare tow jar files by using CLASS_to_JAVA.bat to convert .class file to .java file, but the converting process is in a single thread, that means beyond compare process .class files in jar one by one, can't beyond compare compare several group of files in multi-threads?

    What's more, when I run the CLASS_to_JAVA.bat to convert, it's very fast, but much more slower by beyond compare.

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    When running from the Folder Compare, it is true that it sequentially compares pairs of files. Adding more parallel support is something on our long term wishlist, but not something we'll be able to tackle soon.

    The load of a single file on one side in a Text Compare, and performing the conversion on the command line, should be about the same. If you are loading two files in BC4, this would be two conversions and the comparison step (loading the files into view), which would be more intensive than converting a single file on the command line. And other factors, like if the Folder Compare is also working in the background to convert all file pairs (rules-based scanning) while also loading a Text Compare to view a file, would impact performance.
    Aaron P Scooter Software