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  • This folder contains a NEWER file named...

    I use the command line version of Beyond Compare to mirror one NAS to another. But lately I've been getting this unexplainable dialogue popping up. The thing is, when I say "Yes to all" on one day, the very next day I get the same message.

    How is this possible? If I copy over a newer file over with an older one, how can I get the same message the next day for the same file? Wouldn't it be overwritten with the older one, thus preventing this from happening again?

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    Some FTP servers and NAS devices don't support preservation of timestamps. This will result in the copied file having a modified date of the current system time. This might be why you're getting a prompt about overwriting newer files.

    Adding "option confirm:yes-to-all" at the beginning of your script should prevent the prompt.

    If you're syncing to a network drive on a NAS and timestamps aren't being preserved, it might help to see if there is a firmware update available for the NAS.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      But setting the 'Yes to All' means that those files are always copied every day for my scheduled mirror... copying files that are not different.


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        If timestamps aren't preserved when files are copied to your NAS, you can change your comparison criteria to just size. This won't catch changes that are an exact size match, but will prevent all files from being copied every time you sync.

        To change the comparison criteria in your script, add the line "criteria size" before the load command in your script.

        If timestamps aren't preserved, this is usually due to a flaw in the NAS, so you should contact the NAS manufacturer and ask them for a firmware update to fix the problem.
        Chris K Scooter Software