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  • BC 3 quirks

    OK, have BC 3.3 on a 7 laptop and have set things up to run a multi compare to a thumb drive. I drop down into CMD and try to run it manually:

    BCompare.exe @testPatriot.txt

    Now with the help I've had from tech support, it should run. However even though I'm in the BC direcotry and have copied the test.txt file into that directory, all I get is "Can't find file".

    Weird... ideas?

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    If you just type "testPatriot.txt" does it launch and find your file in notepad?
    If you type just BCompare.exe, does it launch BC3?

    It should work with relative paths, but have you also tried an absolute path, such as:
    "c:\program files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\Bcompare.exe" "@c:\program files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\testPatriot.txt"
    (or replace the paths with those to your thumbdrive).
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