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Suggestion: Improvements to folder compare view

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  • Suggestion: Improvements to folder compare view

    Re: BC3 3.3.3 build 14128

    At the moment when a file is different it shows as red on both the left and right panels. That probably also means that their dates are different. it would help me see more quickly which is the most recent if the older one were given the 'older' colour. I can see that the files are different because one of them is red and the red one would also indicate the newer of the two. It would save me having to inspect and compare the Modified columns for each file.

    Another, maybe slightly quirky, suggestion would be to have an options that allows the display of the columns in the right hand panel to be in reverse order from those on the left. Normally I know that the file names are the same so reversing the right hand column order puts the columns that I want to compare visually closer together.

    Hope you find the suggestions useful.


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    Normally, our default behavior compares the timestamp and size of your file pair, and if one is found to be newer or older in timestamps, the newer is colored red and the older is colored a light grey. If timestamp comparison has been disabled, or the timestamps are equal, then the files are considered "different", and they are both colored red.

    Are the timestamps equal, or has the timestamp comparison been disabled in the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab?

    Thanks for the suggestion for customizing the column display. It is not something we currently support, but I'll add your notes to our Customer Wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you for your reply. I did have the date comparison turned off. This particular comparison was being done on my local machine so I had turned on the full contents compare. Now I've turned the date compare on as well I get exactly what I was asking for above. Thank you for anticipating my desires!



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        You're welcome. Given your description, you probably want to enable:
        Timestamp, Size, Binary (or Rules-based), and Override Quick Comparison Results.

        This way, the Binary = status would still return equal, even if the timestamps are different, but if binary is not equal, the files will be different and the timestamp will be used to show newer/older.
        Aaron P Scooter Software