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    I have a storage array on my network with both hidden and visible folders. I batch-copied all files/folders to a backup storage array and want to compare them against the primary unit. The problem is hidden folders are not visible to a Windows computer. To browse hidden folders, I must know the folder path.

    How can I use BC to compare hidden folders across both storage arrays without manually executing one-by-one? Is there a way to script a compare job to recursively load folders -- both visible and hidden? Otherwise, it will take me a couple weeks to manually verify the data.

    Concept example

    (1) folder1 \\\test$ folder2 \\\test$ compare=binary
    (2) folder1 \\\public$ folder2 \\\public$ compare=binary



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    Sorry, it isn't possible to run a single command that will compare all shares on a computer. The lowest level that you can load a comparison in Beyond Compare 3 is at the share level, so you'll have to manually specify a comparison of each share.

    As an example, this is supported in Beyond Compare 3 scripting:

    load \\\test$ \\\test$
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    folder-report layout:side-by-side output-to:c:\report.txt

    This is not supported:
    load \\ \\
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    folder-report layout:side-by-side output-to:c:\report.txt

    See the "Using Beyond Compare > Automating With Scripts" topic in Beyond Compare 3's help file for details on scripting.
    Chris K Scooter Software