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  • Note, task, mark in some kind of memory list

    Having had my files on a number of NAS systems over the years (the earlier ones not so kind to my files as my Synologies) I regularly find corrupted files that I would like to mark so I can come back later and restore them from my backups.

    Would you consider including a feature like that in future versions that would allow folders and files to be marked in any number of user defined categories?

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    We don't have this scale of tagging, but one workaround I would recommend is to right click and Exclude. This will remove the file from the current view and generate a file specific exclusion filter. After you've gone through and 'excluded' everything you want to mark, go to the Session menu -> Session Settings, Name Filters tab. Here you can then cut/paste the Exclusion list into the Inclusion list. Click Ok and the current view will now only be these files. You can then use the Session menu -> Save Session to save this as a session (like a bookmark) that shows these folders and only the marked files.
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      That's kind of a cool work around. I'll definitely use that for now until you figure out how to make it a new feature!