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  • Highlight changes in Excel output file

    Hi there,

    I am using BC3 for comparing two versions of the same file with each other - one with new (file A), the other with preexisting content (file B). It works great for that!

    Basically I copy all the new "stuff" from file A over to file B to make sure nothing is lost. Since I need to mark all the new content in file B afterwards for further processing I was wondering if BC3 could do that for me.

    So this is my question: After I save (ergo export) file B in BC3 after editing, all formatting is lost and I have to go manually through the Excel file and look for the new content. Is it possible that BC3 highlights everything that got changed, meaning they would be visibly highlighted when I open the file in Excel?

    Thanks for your help, guys!


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    Hello Daniel,

    BC3 does not currently support saving Excel files in an Excel format, so we are unable to perform additional steps such as adding highlights. Normally, if you are opening an .xls or .xlsx file, we disable editing to prevent saving the plain text version of the file over the .xls format (which is not plain text).

    CSV files are also normally opened in Excel and do support editing and saving, but do not contain any formatting data. They are plain text data.

    Would you be opening and saving XLS or CSV files in BC3?
    Aaron P Scooter Software