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AltGr in Linux on a German keyboard does not work

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  • AltGr in Linux on a German keyboard does not work

    Whenever I try to enter one of the special characters that are available on a German keyboard, e.g. the @, which require the AltGr key, beyond compare wants to close or throw away the changes instead!

    Can I reconfigure keyboard-settings to make AltGr work?

    Thanks... Dominik.

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    We had one other similar report to this. In that case, it turned out the user had a corrupt Workspace saved in the Sessions menu -> Load Workspace, Manage Workspaces. For some reason the corrupt workspace was catching a similar key combination as its "Load" hotkey. Do you have one here that you can delete?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      there is nothing in the Load Workspace-Manage Workspace dialog, all fields and lists are empty.

      I have tested a bit further and found the following: In FileCompare, If there are no changes, the AltGr key opens the file in an external editor.

      After I saw this, I looked at my "open with" configurations. No Key-Combination was set for my "open with editor" command there, however after I set some key-combination, I can now use AltGr as expected, so the empty shortcut-setting in the "open with" settings caused this in my case.

      Thanks... Dominik.