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  • Not really different

    I'm trying to understand why BC3 is finding more differences than it should between these lines. All lines with text are displayed as different. If I copy the only different line (the first one), all lines are then displayed as the same. (The are .pl files, if that makes a difference.)

    use lib '/app/deployment/deploy_ident';

    # CPAN provided modules
    use AppConfig qw(:argcount);


    # CPAN provided modules
    use AppConfig qw(:argcount);

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    Hello Shawn,

    This is likely caused by a difference in detected grammar. If you have an unterminated string (" or ') on previous lines, then all of the text on that side becomes a "String", while the other side remains default text. Even if aligned, different grammar items are marked as a difference.
    Different Text <> "Different Text"

    If you click your cursor into a different text section, the bottom status bar of each pane will show the currently detected grammar type.

    With just this snippet of files, it does not cause issues when opened in BC3, but I assume your actual files are using a specific file format, and have more text above this section.

    If you are still having any trouble, please email us at [email protected] with a pair of example files and your from the Help menu -> Support; Export, and we'll be able to recreate and analyze the issue in office.
    Aaron P Scooter Software