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    This has been suggested, but I want to emphasize how useful and important BC workspaces are to our development group, and we would love to have a quick, easy way to get to them.

    We typically have many workspaces defined on our development machines (for me its about 30+). To get to them, I have to navigate through "Session | Load Work Spaces" where I am presented with a long, unwieldy list. I have to carefully read through the entries each time to be sure I select the correct workspace.

    What I would love to have is a traditional desktop shortcut which would launch BC with an argument that brings up a specified workspace. That way, I could arrange and organize my own workspaces using traditional Windows shortcuts without impacting major changes in BC.
    Another additional suggestion I see in my minds eye is to separate 'saved sessions' and 'saved workspaces' into two tabs on the home screen. It would keep the home interface essentially the same without taking up additional real estate.

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    The current version of BC3 does support the workspace name as a command line parameter, so you could create your desktop shortcuts and load your workspaces this way. Documentation can be found in the Help -> Command Line Reference chapter.

    You can also use the Manage Workspaces dialog to assign shortcut keys to popular workspaces, which you can then load while already in the application using the assigned hotkey combination.

    Also, if some of your workspaces are simply a collection of multiple sessions, you could save those sessions in a Folder in the saved sessions list, right click the folder, and open them all in individual tabs that way instead of a Workspace (which saves additional information like multiple window positions, etc).

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Sorry - RTFM on me, you can create workspace shortcuts easily already.


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        Thanks Aaron - I can right-click in the way you describe, but with a long list I have to take extra time to scan carefully. The shortcut launch is great. Thanks


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          No problem. I would recommend also looking into the Saved Sessions "folder" idea, too, if you just need to open several sessions in new tabs all at once. That way, you can have fewer shortcuts for less commonly used "folders"/collections of sessions.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Thanks - Yes sessions are bread and butter in my development, but I always use them in the context of a workspace. Most of the time I need to view two sessions at once (DEV - QA session, and a QA- Prod session). The best way to do that is in a workspace, at least for me.