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  • Feature Request: duplicate tab

    Chrome has a useful feature where you can right-click a tab and choose "duplicate tab". This feature would be useful in Beyond Compare as well, as sometimes you would like to hold two instances of the same comparison with slight variations. Examples:
    • When you compare data (e.g. csv files) and you would like to mark different columns as keys, or unimportant, you could duplicate your comparison and then change the columns. That way you could hold both of them in parallel.
    • When you want to compare a certain files to many files with similar names, you could duplicate the first comparison and then change the filename to match the next file you'd like to compare to

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add your scenario notes to our Customer Wishlist. One possible workaround to use in the meantime, if you use the Session menu -> Save Session, you can then open a New Tab and then open the session as a means of reloading it into a new tab.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      You're always so supportive. Once my company grows I'll buy a bunch of licenses just to support you guys... and because it's damn useful software!)