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  • [suggestion] Copy/Paste compare

    Being able to quickly compare in BC3 two blocks of text copied in the clipboard.

    Use cases:
    - I often would like to compare two parts of the same file. Like when a DRY tool reports code duplication and I want to check the differences.
    - It happens also more and more than I have some file locally and some file in the cloud (some in some task comment as text, or in a cloud development) and I wish to compare the differences.

    Use case:
    1. Copy text to clipboard
    2. Launch BC3 > Clipboard Text > Click "Paste" button in the left pane.
    3. Copy text to clipboard
    4. Click "Paste" button in the right pane.
    5. Compare like two text files.

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    Would you be looking for a feature similar to BC3's:
    Select and copy some text to the clipboard.
    Then in the Text Compare, select another block of text, right-click, and select "Compare Selection to Clipboard"?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The text compare (however you launch it) already supports that. There's an "Open Clipboard" command (Ctrl+Shift+V) that will replace that active editor pane's contents with whatever's on the clipboard and do an alignment and comparison. You can also just paste into the empty side and it will try to align everything up, but it pastes wherever the current line is, even if it's half-way down the empty side, so you need to be a little more careful if you want a proper comparison.
      Zoë P Scooter Software