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  • Aaron

    BC3 Pro is required for the Text Merge session type (2 input panes and an output pane, or 3 input panes and an output pane). BC3 Std only has a Text Compare session type, which is a two file/side by side compare and accepts a /savetarget parameter which can be used. The savetarget changes where the save is output to; so you "merge" you changes to one side then Save to save into the savetarget. It is the same method BC2 used to use when we only supported two sides in the File Viewer.

    The Text Merge session type is one of the big Pro features, and if you are registered for Std and would like to try it out, please see this KB article:
    Last edited by Aaron; 10-May-2012, 02:11 PM. Reason: clarified: Text Compare is only two files / side by side view

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  • ArthurDigbySellers
    started a topic 2-way merge

    2-way merge

    Does BC3 Standard support 2-way merge for TFS?

    The directions at imply that 2-way merge is supported, but when I follow the setup I only ever get a Compare instead of Merge.