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[suggestion] Copy entire unselected line

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  • [suggestion] Copy entire unselected line

    Very minor suggestion (i.e., I expect low priority):

    Within the text comparer (using either 2-way/3-way and any other "editor"), having the cursor on a line, but no text selected, using Ctrl-c/Ctrl-x will copy/cut the entire line. Saves from having to select the line and mimics the functionality found in many editors (Visual Studio and EditPadPro are the two I use the most and both do this).

    Looked to see if was already suggested, but didn't find it. My search-fu could be malfunctioning, though.

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    We don't have this exact functionality, but a few of our tools come close.

    First, we have Copy Line to Other Side as a separate command that can be on the Toolbar or assigned a hotkey in the Tools menu -> Customize Commands in the Text Compare.

    You can also click into the gutter to immediately select the entire line, which will also place a small arrow for copying to the other side.

    Lastly, if you tap F2, you enter (or exit) Full Edit mode. When disabled, the entire line is always selected. At this point you can Ctrl+C, or Copy to Other Side.

    How do these commands meet your needs?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      They don't really. I know about and use these options where appropriate. My particular case it one of basically doing a 3-way merge, but setting it up is a pain in BC and the difference report will contain too much information.

      I run into a lot of cases where I need to do a diff between versions in history and then replicate those change to a completely separate branch. It's easier to just do the 2-way against the versions and copy the specific lines over to another instance of VS with the other branch code. I can already select the line and copy it. It's really just an efficiency for quickly hitting of target area (much more target area to be in the line vs selecting the entire line).