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  • Long wished-for features

    I've been a BC user and evangelist for years.. There are a few features I keep hoping will appear that haven't:

    Start New Session, Saved Sessions:
    * May I please please have a quick-search box for the Saved Sessions tree?
    * I'd love to see the saved sessions as a tree-grid with sortable columns for name, left folder, right folder, created, modified, etc.. Oh, and a search function..
    * BTW, I cannot imagine ever intentionally expanding the "More than 6 days ago" folder.

    * May I please please have an option to clone/duplicate the current tab?

    Folder Compare:
    * It's 2012, when are we deciding that drag and drop is here to stay?
    * How about native folder and file clipboard functionality rather than the frightening Explorer pass-through?
    * In place copying. I have found several methods of creating a renamed copy of a file, but no good ones.


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    Thanks for the suggestions. Many of these are already on our Customer Wishlist, and I'll add your notes to these entries. Our Wishlist is not currently scheduled development, but a place our developers go for ideas for future features and enhancements.

    For in place copying, you could try using our Backups method (Tools menu -> Options, Backup). What other methods have you been employing? A Copy To Folder, rename, copy back?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I'll try the backup options. That could be helpful in some situations.

      For in place copying, lately I've been using Explorer--copy, then Explorer--paste on the folder. It requires a refresh but usually works. For situations where that doesn't work, I'll generally change the base folder on the other side, copy, rename, copy back.

      I rarely use the "to Folder..." dialogs as they are relative to history rather than the current location, and the navigation tree doesn't allow me to paste in a location.


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        Originally posted by wmbaum
        * BTW, I cannot imagine ever intentionally expanding the "More than 6 days ago" folder.
        I can easily imagine expanding it intentionally. My activity is somewhat episodic, so I might go more than a week between iterations of some tasks. Sometimes I move the relevant sessions into the named list, sometimes I don't.

        (In other words, I don't want the Scooter team thinking no one uses that part of the list.)



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          Thanks for the feedback. We certainly don't think "no one uses it", but we also recognize that if BC3 is used infrequently, it can lead to the "more than 6 days ago" folder consisting of a very large list of auto-save sessions. Any changes to this area would try to help both of you.
          Aaron P Scooter Software