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Is BC3 mangling filenames?

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  • Is BC3 mangling filenames?

    I use BC3 for just about everything, well ... except for "everything" from voidtools, that is.

    A strange problem has happened to a large number of my directories.
    * In BC3, the file extensions show up as .pdf* ( * a bullet char )
    * In Windows cmd, dir shows them as .pdf?
    * In Cygwin, I redirect "ls" output to a file, and the char is ^M

    ^M is the Windows file line-end char (CR/LF)

    The only way I've found to correct this nonsense is using BC3:
    - View Ext
    - Ignore File Structure
    - Sort by Ext

    Now at least all the funny names are collected together in groups.
    The manual repair is:
    F2 ( rename )
    <END> ( Go to last char)
    <Backspace> ( Delete the char)
    <Enter> ( rename the file and move to the next one ).

    1. Might this have been caused by BC3?
    I just noticed it, because "Everything" was missing most of my *.pdf files
    2. Is there a scripted way to correct these names?
    I've tried everything I know ... essentially, take the given name,
    remove the last character, execute the Windows "rename" command,
    or the Cygwin "mv" command.

    Aside: Just thought of another tool that might help. Rexx is excellent at this stuff.

    --- Oh, there is a far easier way to rename these. BC3 to the rescue. ---
    * Flatten the directory structure, sort by EXT
    * Highlight all the files with a common ext*
    * Press F2 to rename them all
    * choose the filter [.ext] for the rename.

    --- The multiple file rename filter causes BC3 to crash in some circumstances. Bug filed.

    --- It might be possible that "free download manager" is introducing these characters, reacting to URL's I've been downloading ... perhaps from Windows machines.
    --- .pdf, .xml, .doc, .html, .jpg, .gif, .ppt, .mpp, .mht, .rar, .rtf, .tar, vsd, .xls ... just some of the filetypes affected.
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    It's likely these files were renamed by something in Cygwin. ^M is how an older (or "old at heart") Unix editor might show a line with a Windows line ending on it. Technically, it is how Unix displays half the Windows line ending character-set; it uses the other half for the line ending. You could email us a snapshot showing these files (along with a link to this forum thread for our reference) to [email protected], but it is really unlikely BC3 renamed or created these files this way.
    Aaron P Scooter Software