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  • MD5 (more argurments)

    I have seen a number of threads asking for MD5 support.

    BC personnel state that
    1. there is no speed difference between calculating a hash (CRC, MD5, etc) and a binary comparison on a local system.
    2. FTP XCRC is more widely supported than XMD5.
    3. Implementing MD5 vs CRC for a saved snapshot would not change anything.
    ... and therefor is is a low priority request.

    Rather than argue the merits of various hashing systems. I would like to point out two items I have not run across yet in the forums.

    1. Downloads, (drivers, installs, and iso) often include the MD5 and SHA. Rarely the CRC.
    2. A very cool feature would be to have BC look for a MD5 file in a folder and validate the files against that too.

    1 (ex). Imagine you are comparing two copies of an install folder. Two files are different. If the MD5 was sitting there, you could simply check that against the website where you downloaded it from. Then you know which one is correct, and which one may have been corrupted or worse infected. ("security" advertizing points).

    2 (ex) Imagine you downloaded the files from the following link.
    Included in this folder, you should see are the MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and SHA512. Ready made hashes to be used for comparisons.

    Even better would be if BC could generate these files on request for an entire directory tree. If you format the files the same way (hash filename) you have just added interoperability with many md5 tools. Now instead of a single all encompassing snapshot, you have a directory by directory snapshot that is consistent with general IT trends for large archives.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Adding MD5 support is something on our wishlist, but we have several large projects we are currently working on. I'll certainly add these notes to our wishlist entry.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I think these are good suggestions.