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  • More context menu items

    Maybe it has been asked many times before:

    Next to the current context menu-item, add another one context menu entry
    (named just 'Beyond Compare"-->) - when clicking on that one a submenu popup
    to show up listing subitems.

    The submenu would then be listing sessions that have been 'saved to context menu',
    as a kind of preset.

    This way one does not need to scroll down to sub\sub\subfolders
    when having comparing destinationfolder from the context menu.


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    I like these comments.



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      Thanks for the feedback. Could you give a few more details? Are you referring to our shell extension support context menu, or the context menu within a Folder Compare session? I believe you are looking for support to launch a Folder Compare from Windows Explorer using a pair of folders as parameters and a specific set of session settings, correct?
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Sorry for the delay.
        I am referring Explorer context menu. Right now, there is 1 entry in that menu. If possible one might consider to have another one, which can be expanded and then list the saved session list, i.e. from the context menu one can launch a saved session.