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    Up front, sorry for asking: no doubt there is a very easy solution and (I confess!) the below sounds really as a newbie question. Vainly tried to figure out myself.

    Following scenario - Session: Mirror to right

    Session shows 20 "differences".

    I want to -first- copy just 2 files from left to right
    and thereafter
    18 from right to left (because these 18 have different filename cases)

    Now when I ctrl or shift select these 2 files (to be copied from left to right), the Sync-button still shows 20 files to copy to the right, instead of just 2.

    When I right click the files and use "->copy left to right", nothing happens, i.e. file is not copied.

    But I donot want to touch the 18 other files and donot want to 'just give it a try and see what happens'

    Any suggestions?


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    I assume you are in the Folder Sync session? The right click "Copy to Right" is not a command, but a toggle selection for what the sync should do; you are manually overriding the default logic. If the default logic is still in place for all of the other files, and the preview pane shows an action will be taken, then they would be included when Sync is executed. There is not a way to copy individual files in the Folder Sync session, only perform sync actions.

    You can go to the Session menu -> Compare Base Folders to launch a new tab in the Folder Compare. From here, you can copy a couple of files, then go back to the Folder Sync tab, refresh, and you should see the sync ready to go. Alternatively, you can perform the sync from the Folder Compare, too (Actions menu -> Synchronize menu).

    Please let us know if you have any questions. Please also test with test files, since any sync actions (copy, move, delete, etc) are not undo-able actions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Ah, right... Sorry... pretty much of a newbie question...
      Thanks a lot!