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Editing Excel spreadsheet

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  • Editing Excel spreadsheet

    So I am comparing 2 spreadsheets and I would like to be able to edit each row for the entries that were found in the other spreadsheet.
    The disable editing box is not checked for either spreadsheet, but it still shows editing disabled for both spreadsheets in the comparision window.
    Is there any way I can edit the spreadsheet from inside of BC3?


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    The Excel file format also disables editing because we do not have the ability to save back into the .xls or .xlsx format. If you enabled editing, the resulting save would be a plain text file with the wrong extension (.xls) and would not be what you wanted.

    If your files were .csv or another plain text format, the editing controls would work as expected. You can open your files in Excel, and perform a Save As to save them as a CSV or other plain text format, then open them and edit them in BC3.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software