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how to compare a bulk of files to one file?

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  • how to compare a bulk of files to one file?

    I got a bulk of files that I want to verify that is identical to a specific file.
    I need to do this process multiple times on different files, so I was hoping there is some scripting I can use to achieve this goal.

    I couldn't find any way to do it automatically, the only way I thought to do it is to duplicate the specific file, rename it like the files I want to compare too and then compare folders. Is there any built-in functionality I can use?


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    A one to many comparison isn't a built-in, single operation, but you could use the BCompare command line /quickcompare or /qc to check any pair of file names. For example, /qc "c:\prime.txt" "c:\file1.txt"
    echo %ErrorLevel%

    If you have a bat wrapper or other automation process to feed in pairs of file names, this could sequentially compare and return the ErrorLevel (which you can reference different code values in our Help file -> Command Line Reference chapter, at the bottom: Return codes).
    Aaron P Scooter Software