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Calculating percentages using data compare

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  • Calculating percentages using data compare

    Greetings, I was wondering if it was possible to use BC to calculate the percentage correct (i.e., the same) for each column of two diff'd files. Furthermore, if the column is unimportant, then this would be a don't-care and don't perform the math, and if the column is key or standard, then calculate the percentage different or the same. If BC doesn't support this via scripting or some other means, can you recommend a candidate solution - perhaps either using python or exporting report file to excel? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.usps tracking showbox speed test
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    We do not have any internal percent calculation, but do have stats in the bottom status bar of the Table Compare. This can be a count of Different Rows, or selection count. Using the display filters to show only differences or all (with Ignore Unimportant enabled or disabled) or you can select all and plug those numbers into an Excel sheet to perform calculations.

    As for a more full export into Excel, you could set the Display Filters to show only specific rows, then copy/paste the entire row into Excel. This way, you could paste all Different rows first, and compare then against a total rows count.

    The Table Compare's Session menu -> Table Compare Report, Summary, also provides counts of the different row comparisons.
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