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HtmlTidy for BC3 configuration instructions

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  • HtmlTidy for BC3 configuration instructions

    Are there lay-man instruction somewhere on how to configure HtmlTidy with BC3?

    Import settings doesn't work for BC2 settings, and when I try to configure it myself it returns nothing (HtmlTidy.exe as far as I can tell never returns, just hangs there after dumping output on screen, when I run it from command line using same configuration as one I use in BC3 settings)

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    You can download HtmlTidy file formats for BC3 here:

    The page has both an "HTML tidied" file format, and multiple XML formats that use HtmlTidy to format XML.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      In addition to Chris' input, the reason for the redownload is that BC2 rules are not importable into BC3 as File Formats. This is due to a few changes in organization we made (such as Importance was global in BC2, but Session based in BC3). You can generally reconfigure everything in BC3, but there is a bit of necessary manual setup.

      Here's a KB article that goes into the steps of defining Unimportant differences:

      And another video about general BC3 usage (and a good "basics" tutorial which would let you know where various controls are located):
      Aaron P Scooter Software