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Ignore differences due to data in another row

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  • Ignore differences due to data in another row


    I don't think this is possible but thought I would ask anyway. I have a file that looks like this.

    ID, Cashflow type, date1, date 2, amount
    1234, Principal,07/12/2020, 08/12/2020, 555
    1234, Interest, 08/12/2020, 09/12/2020, 666

    If the Principal type with ID of 1234 has a date 1 not equal to date 2 I want Beyond compare to ignore any differences in the Interest row with it's counterpart file. So in the example above any Interest difference will be ignored.

    Any idea if this is possible?

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    I think I now need the ability to ignore a line with the word 'Yes' in it. Can you let me know how to build this grammar rule please? I have tried just putting Basic and Yes then leaving the rule unticked to make it unimportant but no joy. The word Yes appears at the end of the row in the first file but not at all in the row on the 2nd file but I want the row to be ignored if present. I used Yes$ also and the 'Yes' word is no longer red but the row is still present even when I set to display only differences. Thank you


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      So in this example attached, i want to ignore the 2nd row completely and hide it irrespective of any diffs because it has Yes in the row?

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        You can define an entire row as unimportant if it has a "yes" in it. Should the Yes be carefully defined? Such as ,Yes(EndofLine) to avoid issues like matching on "yesterday"? A greedy match would be a regex like .*yes.* but you can add additional characters such as .*,yes$

        Once defined, the left side would be unimportant, but the right side would still be marked as important, as it is different and its text isn't defined as unimportant.

        Would it be better to define a Text Replacement rule, so that the change Yes = False is considered different? This is done in the Session Settings, Replacements tab, where you can define the type of change, then both sides would be unimportant only if that specific change is made.
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          Excellent that .*yes.* worked but the text replacement rule intrigues me and may save me so much hassle as i have spent ages today doing lookups from the 2nd massive file to the first to get Yes in both places where they match so BC can ignore both sides.

          Will give that a go going forward but I would need the Yes = False to force the line to be unimportant even if say the amount was also different between the two so not sure if that would work. Essentially I am trying to get a flag on there so BC can realise to ignore it.

          Thank you
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            If you've edited Text Replacement for a specific session for two files, you can also define it as a new global default for all future text comparisons, or for all child text comparisons within a specific saved Folder Compare. These two options allow the rule to go forward for future comparisons without setting it up each time. The File Format can also define a grammar and make that unimportant, which we have the video for that here:
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