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  • Alignment Overrides, Regex help

    I reviewed posts here but could not get Regular Expressions to work correctly for me. This is probably a rookie Regex question and not a BC question.

    I need to do a Folder Compare. The two folders each have a large number of files with substantially similar filenames.

    From Left folder:
    20201207_CommStmt_PAULS_2B722_20201204212729137.pd f

    From Right folder:
    20201207_CommStmt_PAULS_2B722_20201208085352753.pd f

    Ideally I want files beginning "20201207_CommStmt_PWS_Z590_" and "20201207_CommStmt_PAULS_2B722_" from each side to match up.

    The end of the filename on both sides is a date-time in YYYYMMDDHHMMSSHHH format.

    If I understand previous posts I have limited functionality on the filter for the right hand folder. I could get right side filenames without date-time stamp if it has to be done.

    Thanks for the help.

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    It's not without, but with the timestamp. You can define the mask to generically match the matching/equal text on both sides, but the date shift has to be explicitly included in at least the "With"/right side.
    So something like:
    with Regular Expression enabled.

    You can define a more general mask for the top line (to catch the random date), but the right side date must be explicit text.
    Aaron P Scooter Software