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    Hi there!
    So I have sent some files to other people and they have uploaded them. However, it seems as though uploading my files has deleted their files/comparisons, even though they did not check off the "delete exisiting files" box.

    Can this be prevented or is there some way in which they can restore their old files?


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    Which "delete existing files" checkbox would you be referring to? Could you take a screenshot of this Options screen?

    Normally, BC3 will preview the actions about to be taken (in a Copy, Sync, or Folder Sync session) and clicking Start or Ok will take those actions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron!
      I will email it to you. Hmm we didn't use Copy, Sync stuff. I just made an export of my compared files, emailed them to her, she saved them and imported them/opened them up.


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        Ah, I see. You were Exporting and Importing your settings and saved sessions, not copying the files themselves.

        If the sessions were deleted, please check your %AppData%\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 3\ and immediately copy all files out of this location. There should be some .bak files, which may contain your older sessions and you would be able to import them.

        Any red-text named Sessions would be replaced, but any not in the list would remain in place during an import (unless "Delete all existing sessions" was checked). Once you have hopefully recovered your older sessions and created a backup using the Export dialog, does this issue reproduce for you if you Import again? Are you able to email us a copy of the file you are importing? A screenshot of before the import Sessions list, and after import, might help as well.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hi Aaron!
          So how do you copy the files?

          And may I ask what exactly Folder Sync does?

          Thank you!


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            You can copy the files by navigating to the Folder in Windows Explorer, then copying the BCSetting.xml files. There may be a BCSessions.xml.bak file there, and it may still be old enough to contain your previous sessions, but they may already have been overwritten if you have used BC3 more since accidentally deleting the previous sessions.

            The folder is "%AppData%\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 3\" and can be navigated to by typing it in the same location bar as "C:\Program Files" Or via the Help menu -> Support dialog; Explore Settings folder blue link.

            Folder Sync is a separate issue. We can discuss that here, too, if you would like. It is a simple session type that contains a few buttons and settings necessary to sync a Source Folder to a Destination Folder. This is based on the sync logic used (Update or Mirror).

            Please test any sync with test files or already backed up files. Sync actions, copies, deletes, etc are not undo-able actions.
            Aaron P Scooter Software