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having Beyond Compare ignore the dates of files

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  • having Beyond Compare ignore the dates of files

    I am VERY much a novice at Beyond Compare - using only 1/100th of its capabilities!
    I had a Windows crash in December and had to reinstall everything using my backup from Carbonite.
    I reinstalled the programs - and copied all my files back on 12/30/20.
    Now, the problem with trying to compare files is that the dates of ALL of my files from the backups say 12/30/20.
    How can I compare the file names - and contents - and have it ignore the dates, because it is saying that all those files are "newer" than the originals.
    Thank you for your help.

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    To compare file contents in Beyond Compare's Folder Compare:
    Click the Rules toolbar button (referee icon).
    Go to the Comparison tab.
    Check Compare Contents.
    Select Binary comparison, then click OK.

    Binary comparison results are indicated with an equal or not equal icon in the center column between file names.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Beautiful! Thank you so much! It is working perfectly for me now!