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BC3: Data compare Limitation

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  • BC3: Data compare Limitation

    Hi - I'm expected to compare 2 huge (more than 15 millions records) csv files and I'm planning to use the Data Compare option. I wanted to know Is there any BC3 Limitation for comparing huge data set.
    1. Is there any limitation for file size/number of records ?
    2. Performance issue (currently I have 8 GB RAM in my VDI)

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    For the Data Compare, this can vary on record length and complexity of the files. For all views, BC3 is a 32bit application and will eventually hit 32bit app limitations. This includes a combination of content size (file size or number of files) or program controls (for example, the list displaying all of the files and icons themselves), as the program takes resources to generate and display the comparison, and it isn't a straight file size vs. hardware available calculation:

    The trial is fully featured, so you can give it a spin before purchase to see how it handles your specific files on your hardware.

    I'd also recommend evaluating BC4, which was upgraded to 64bit, *greatly* increasing the resources available, including resources available to the "Table Compare" (new name, same session):
    Aaron P Scooter Software