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Why does BC do this? (and how can I fix it?)

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  • Why does BC do this? (and how can I fix it?)

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    There's a subtle difference between your file names. I recommend using the Text Compare to find it. To do so, select one file on one side, and right-click -> Copy Filename.

    Open a new tab, select one side, then Open Clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+V, or File menu) to 'paste' the clipboard onto that side. Repeat for the other file on the other side. Since this paste includes the full file path, you can delete everything in the path except the final file name part.

    Enable the View menu -> Whitespace to see any visible whitespace. Optionally make it Important in the Text Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, and check all of the whitespace options.

    You can then use the View menu -> Alignment Details or View menu -> Hex Details to swap the bottom status bar and show exactly how character by character the file names are different. It could be a character that looks similar but has a different hex value, or extra whitespace.

    What shows up from this comparison?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks. It's showing whitespace in front of one of the file names. Since one is a direct copy of the other, do you have any idea why that whitespace would be introduced?


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        What program did you use for the initial transfer, and what file systems are the left and right side? BC4's behavior will generally match Explorer (assuming Windows), if the exact same base folder syntax is used for the left and right sides.
        Aaron P Scooter Software