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    I just upgraded to a new laptop and moved BC3. The only problem is that the toolbar icons are incredibly tiny. I used the "Large Icon w/Text" option and it looks even worse.

    This screen capture doesn't really show the problem because I had to oversize it, but you can see how the icons are extremely tiny compared to the rest of the screen. In normal view, the icons are almost like a speck and certainly not discernable.

    Is there any way to make the icons bigger without making everything bigger?

    Click image for larger version

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    My hunch is the new laptop is a much higher resolution, and currently configured to use a high DPI setting (probably ~150% or more) to compensate. If DPI were set to 100%, then everything would be tiny. By increasing the value, programs can redraw their interfaces.

    BC4 had a lot of enhancement work put into it to support high dpi displays and settings, reworking large parts of the interface to handle it, but these features aren't available in BC3.

    I'd suggest installing the BC4 trial (which can install alongside BC3) and see if that resolves the display issues. If so, you can calculate an upgrade discount for BC3->BC4 here:
    BC4 has quite a few other enhancements that would be useful, such as 64bit support, and you can find the list here:

    Note: if you decide to experiment with different resolutions and dpi settings in your OS, you should reboot the system between each Apply before proceeding with testing that configuration.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      There's one more option I just learned about: system level emulation. If you go to the BC3 .exe (BCompare.exe), right-click and go to Properties, then go to the Compatibility tab and click the Change high DPI settings, then Override high DPI scaling behavior. Set to Scaling Performed by System. This will be a bit blurry, but should get the size closer.

      I'd still recommend checking out the trial of BC4, as we did do a lot of work specifically for this DPI behavior as part of that version.
      Aaron P Scooter Software