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    In my project I need to attach comments/notes to differences or at least to lines. I need this to discuss how to solve collisions. These comments therefore are some kind of metadata. I’ve not found any possibility to do this with Beyond Compare. I’m using the latest version 4.4.0 build 25886.

    As a workaround I could use screenshots. However, it is very cumbersome to get all the differences for large files in a single screenshot. There obviously is no screenshot export functionality for the whole document like a browser provides.

    Is there another way?
    If not, I would like to propose this as a feature request.


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    BC4 does not have a meta-layer outside of the files. Including comments as part of a 'package' is something on our wishlist, but is not a feature we'll be tackling short-term with our current development schedule.

    I'd recommend generating a Report for communication, using the Session menu -> Folder/Text Compare Report (depending on your level), which can be an HTML report of the files, reduced using filtering (ex: only different sections you care about), and you can then edit the HTML if needed to add additional text, without altering the original files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software