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Accessing files on Samsung Salaxy S III

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  • Accessing files on Samsung Salaxy S III

    Thanks for just a great product.
    I've been using Beyond Compare for a year mainly to compare & sync
    directories on my phone and laptop & decktop.
    However with my new Samsung Galaxy S III things changed. Beyond Compare's "Open directory" dialog just doesn't show the samsung phone and it's USB disk.
    From many little details, it does look like this phone's USB drive placed in Explorer's namespace not like a regular USB stick...
    Any plans to look into that ?
    Thank you.

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    Beyond Compare 3 doesn't currently support removable devices that can't be assigned drive letters in Windows, such as phones and media players. Adding support for these devices is on our wish list for a future version of Beyond Compare.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Samsung S5 Sync

      Too bad I cannot sync to my Samsung S5. My internal storage is now full and I can't upgrade until I dump a bunch of photos and uninstall a few apps. I understand about the drive letter thing...
      Does anyone know how to get a Samsung phone to show up as a volume w/ a drive letter?
      If anything, I'd like to vote this topic up.
      Beyond Compare is the most useful utility ever!
      Thanks Y'all!


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        Beyond Compare v4 added support for removable media devices like Android phones, MP3 players, and cameras. The easiest way to access them is using the Browse dialog, but you can also use "mtp://" as the base path to show a list of all of the attached devices.

        If you can't upgrade BC, your best approach would be to install an FTP, SFTP, or SMB/Samba server on your phone and connect to it that way.
        Zoë P Scooter Software