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  • Forum suggestion - visible subscription status

    Don't know if this is an option with vBulletin, but IMO it would be friendly to see at a glance whether one is subscribed to the current thread. (I realize that the information is available implicitly under the Thread Tools dropdown menu and explicitly as a list of subscribed threads under My Settings. And yes, I have changed my default to be notified about threads in which I've participated.) Some BBSs show this info and I appreciate it.

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    default behavior

    It does not look like that is available by default. There may be a hack out there that provides similar results.

    One other way vBulletin displays currently subscribed threads is a checkbox on the right when viewing the forum (that symbolizes subscribed). Once you have clicked inside and are reading, though, the only way I see is to click Thread Tools (which will display Subscribe or Unsubscribe accordingly).

    It is also under Quick Links
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