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Hi, I expect 2 little fix.

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  • Hi, I expect 2 little fix.

    1. I expect can add a .gitignore check function, if i open this option, it can auto
    ignore all gitignore files

    2. Folder compare info view, it interface is same as Compare contents,
    But, Compare contents can use mouse double click, invoke text compare view,
    Why compare info view can not ?

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    You can use our file name filters in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Name Filters tab to Exclude .gitignore files. This can be per session, set as global default on the Home screen's Edit session defaults folder, or set as a Preset in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Folder Views section.

    The Info view is designed as a quick report and not for launching additional comparisons. Any information the Info dialog can show is also available in the main view, and can be adjusted using the Display Filters in the Toolbar or in the View menu to show only the type of items (Equal, Different, Orphan, etc) that you are interested in. What type of file are you trying to find in the Info dialog?
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      I talked with one of our developers, and he pointed out you might be referring to the files as defined within the .gitignore file as also being ignored in BC3. We don't currently support this, but I could certainly add it to our Customer Wishlist. For now, you would need to define the file extensions manually within the BC3 File Name Filter session settings.
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        I am so sorry for my pool english...

        En, filter the files in .gitignoreyou is my really purpose.

        About the second problem, because the view is very alike, I just hope it have the consistency behavior.
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          BTW: I hope beyondcompare can support SHEBANG test, not only the file extend name.



          it tell bc3 this is a sh-script. use sh format.

          It always have some sence, even have a reasonable file extend name, beyond cannot read it.
          ( it just a text files...)

          Can you need me offer the unsupport files format ?? (purl text, I can you all editor openi it normally)

          Error message is: File Encoding Error. (Line 1)

          perhpas I can e-mail to you.
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            Email would likely be better if you can also send us a full screen screenshot of what you are attempting, with a pair of sample files, and your (Help menu -> Support; Export). If you email us, please include a link to this forum post for our reference.
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              Hi, I have send to [email protected].

              Please check.


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                Thanks. I have emailed back with a few questions, such as the specific version of Linux you are currently running and the regional settings it is using.
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