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Beyond Compare is there a way to ignore readonly flag for TFS files when comparing

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  • Beyond Compare is there a way to ignore readonly flag for TFS files when comparing

    I am trying to use Beyond Compare to compare files that have read only flags (caused from TFS) to a directory of files that should be identical other than the readonly flag.

    Is there a Beyond Compare setting that will ignore the readonly flag. I realize I could manually clear the readonly flag via windows but this but this is time consuming/etc.

    Beyond Compare Version 3.2.4 (build 13298) TFS 2010
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    Do you mean to ignore the Read-Only flag and not use it as a comparison criteria? Or to not prompt about the files being read-only if you attempt to save them?

    By default, we do not compare the read-only attribute of files, only display it. This is controlled in the Session menu -> Session Settings dialog, Comparison tab. Checked items are compared, so if "Read-only" has a check mark here you can uncheck it.

    Session Settings are session specific. If this setting has been changed in the defaults, you can also change that on the Home screen, in the Saved Sessions list, the Edit session defaults folder, select Folder Compare and uncheck the item in the Comparison tab (or click Factory Defaults).

    Otherwise, the files are Read-only. We can disable a confirmation box when replacing/deleting read-only files (in the Options dialog, Confirmations section), but I would not recommend it. It would be better to review the files and clear the read-only flag if it should not be present, or to check the files out (which should clear the read-only flag as part of the check-out process) before editing them.

    Does this help clear things up? If you are still having any trouble, could you let us know and which dialog specifically the read-only attribute is interacting with?

    Also, all BC3.x updates are free for 3.x users. You can update to the latest (3.3.5) for free using the Help menu -> Check for Updates or from our website.
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      I came here to search for a similar answer and found this post. Hate to resurrect this thread, but what I think the OP is referring to is the ability to ignore the read only flag when copying, so that the flag itself doesn't end up at the destination.

      I often copy code from a source controlled location to another location using BC. Often the source is read only, but I don't want the destination to be. That make sense? I have a work around, but it's annoying, so I wanted to see if there was an option like this as well.



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        Thanks for the clarification. We do not support this option during the copy operation. You would need to select the files after the transfer and clear the attribute manually. You could use the Session Settings -> Other Filters, Attributes: set to show only the read only files. Then you can set the Comparison tab to compare the Read-Only attributes then set Display Filters to Show Same or Show Differences.

        You can then use the Edit menu -> Expand all, Edit menu -> Select All Files, and Shift+Arrows to select the files you, then you can Right click -> Attributes to set or clear Read-Only.
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