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Auto refresh Current directory files when replacement is setting.

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  • Auto refresh Current directory files when replacement is setting.

    When I open a session setting:

    Open a folder Compare view -> open a Text-compare view -> Session setting -> Add a Replcements

    And use setting : Use for these files within parent session, When return to directory compare views, Show all files is no changed. only C-F5, refresh directory, all change is effective.

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    Could you email in a copy of your to [email protected] ?
    A pair of example files and the replacement might help. I've tried reproducing this with a simple example and it seems to refresh/act correctly.

    When you email us, please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.

    This could also be a specific Slackware issue.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I am sorry for my poor english , perhaps I 'm not describe clearly.

      What I means is when add a replacement from Text compare view
      session setting, and return to previous Folder compare view,
      the folder can not Auto refresh, It not a big deal, But when I
      first use it, I try many times, and confusion with this, Until
      I press F5 and refresh it, I see the replacemnet is became
      effective .

      and ought to easily reproduce, just a functionality missing,
      It like ` Open with ' hotkey, ought Auto refresh and not refresh
      functionality. it ought not a bug ?? This is relation with Slackware ??


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        Your description matches what I thought the first time. Normally, we do refresh the parent Folder Compare as soon as the results are changed in the child Text Compare, and update the center column to show the content status of the child session. I tried following your steps but it worked as expected. It might be something specific with your pair of files and the replacement you are using, so a more exact example might help reproduce the behavior.

        We do not have official support Slackware and I do not have a VM setup and available to test against, so I have been attempting these in either Redhat or Ubuntu and Windows.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I' not describe clearly...

          What I means is the file When I open the replacement is Auto refresh .
          It work ok. But, parent folder's other files which contain the same
          content as the file edited, not Auto refresh , even F5 is not effective.

          I must press Ctrl - F5 , to make it became similar in the center column.


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            Thanks for your persistence.

            Yes, in this scenario we do not trigger a new content comparison. If you change any settings like this, you will need to trigger a new Full Refresh to throw out the old content comparison results and get new ones (using the new Session Settings you just changed). We're looking into changing this behavior, but for now a user must be very certain and manually throw out old results in order to trigger the somewhat intensive content scan.
            Aaron P Scooter Software