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/silent is really loud!

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  • /silent is really loud!

    So running on windows all I'm trying to do is run bc3 in silent mode and then capture the code that's returned after the comparison but the following doesn't seem to work. I'm trying to compare 2 different directories silently however right now this call just opens the actual bc3 application whereas I thought /silent would prevent this. any ideas on what I'm doing wrong here?

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\BComp" "C:\Users\proe\Desktop\VisualBuildPro\Sandbox - Template" "C:\Users\proe\Desktop\VisualBuildPro\Sandbox" /silent

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    Silent only hides prompts and dialogs when BC3 is run in an automated mode, such as BC3 Scripting. Passing two folders are the parameters to open a Folder Compare in the graphical interface, so we would still do that.

    Command Line Parameters are documented in the Help file in the Command Line Reference chapter. Scripting is documented in the Scripting Reference chapter and in the Using Beyond Compare -> Automating with Script chapter.

    The basic script you are probably looking for is:
    bcompare.exe "@c:\bcscript.txt" "C:\Users\proe\Desktop\VisualBuildPro\Sandbox - Template" "C:\Users\proe\Desktop\VisualBuildPro\Sandbox" /silent

    where bcscript.txt is:
    load "%1" "%2"
    expand all
    folder-report layout:side-by-side output-to:"c:\bcreport.txt"

    We do not have a method of returning an errorcode for a pair of folders; we only support generating a report, which can then be parsed for results.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That'll work Aaron, thanks.