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Find a Bug, Next Difference in Folder Compare View Hokey invalid.

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  • Find a Bug, Next Difference in Folder Compare View Hokey invalid.

    When open a new Folder Compare View, At once,
    Press 'Next Difference' hotkey, it invalid.

    Press other hotkey first, e.g.: press 'Next Existing filename',
    'Next Differnce' is work now.

    System: Slackware 13.37 Linux 64bit.

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    Have you customized your Next Difference command? Or is it still Ctrl+N?

    Would you be able to post or email us a screenshot of the Folder Compare?

    If you email us at [email protected] please also include:
    - A link to this forum post for our reference
    - the screenshot
    - Your from the Help menu -> Support; Export.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Yes, I almost forget this things.

      I have customized this hotkey. I use C-n, next-exiting-line
      (it Convention in Emacs and mostly Editor), and Alt-n , Next Difference.

      But I have test just now, any hotkey , as long as it function
      is binding with Next Differnce, When entering Folder Compare View,
      directly press it, it can not automatic active.
      Unless first use other Moving hotkey (e.g. next-existing-file, you can
      binding this with any hotkey , as long as this key can effect the panel view ,
      make some position is changed) to active it first.

      It to say:
      Entering Folder Compare View.

      Next Difference binding => invalid
      Next existing file binding && Next differnce binding => valid.
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        I'm not able to reproduce this on Redhat or Windows. I've made a bit more progress setting up Slackware, but haven't been able to get BC3 on it yet for testing.

        Slackware is still an unsupported OS; this looks like a Slackware specific issue. In my spare time I might be able to get it working, but there are no guarantees.
        Aaron P Scooter Software