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"Copy to Folder" Annoyance

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  • "Copy to Folder" Annoyance

    Occasionally I get a "system cannot find path specified" error while trying to copy a group of selected files from one side of a folder compare window to a NEW folder - that is, one created at the beginning of the copy function.

    It seems that when I add a new folder name for the destination, I sometimes have a trailing blank character. Windows drops the trailing blank when the folder is created, but Beyond Compare keeps the blank and cannot find the new destination.

    I confirmed this behavior in BC2 and BC3. I'm sure this problem is probably rare, but when it happens it can be very frustrating because the destination folder name "looks" fine.

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    Thanks for the report. I've been able to repeat this behavior and I'll make a tracker entry for this issue.
    Aaron P Scooter Software