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Error: Cannot find the drive specified

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  • Error: Cannot find the drive specified

    This occurred when try to save a file on the left which was a perfectly valid file and location.

    I found out this error was triggered by the backup settings. I had copied the settings from another computer in order to get my profiles etc. But it also copied the backup path which did not exist on the new computer.

    The file refused to save because the backup could not be made.

    I think this should be fixed perhaps in one or multiple ways:
    - Warn the user that the backup directory specified does not exist, instead of making the user think the file cannot actually be saved
    - Give the user the option to change the backup directory because it does not exist, or ask the user if they want to create that directory (perhaps more simply, the latter can be done automatically)
    - Ask the user if they would like to continue saving the file even though a backup cannot be made.

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    Thanks for the report. We'll look into making the error dialog more clear to prevent confusion in the future and the other options you suggest.
    Aaron P Scooter Software